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Meet Our Team

It is the mission of Rockett Financial to give our clients the ultimate security and peace of mind that comes with knowing that they are in control of their financial future. Our clients have the means, desire, and discipline to work towards this goal. We envision ourselves as a resource to our clients in helping them realize their immediate goals and achieve their long-term goals. Our code of ethics is to base decisions on sound knowledge and experience in the financial environment. Most importantly we are grounded in our unwavering integrity. Our process involves helping our clients to visualize their needs and crystallize their goals. We work with them to help develop strategies that allow them to manage what they have and need now, build and expand upon what they accumulate and ultimately protect and preserve all that they have worked for.

Bob Rockett

Financial Advisor

For the past 33 years, Bob has been helping his clients overcome the uncertainties of life. While each client’s concerns are different, all share the common goal of wanting to retire financially secure. Bob’s financial practice is centered on helping his clients successfully retire.

While there is a planning process, there is no formula or one-size-fits-all solution. Bob’s objective is to help his clients save time and money with the least amount of stress and risk, the end-goal of making successful retirement within their reach. Recognizing that each client has their own needs, Bob develops individualized plans that address a client’s concerns such as not saving enough money, feeling insecure about the investment markets and the uncertainty created by all the financial decisions to be made. This interview process results in easy to follow steps, with Bob providing direction along the way, resulting in a progression toward the clients’ retirement dreams.

“The most enjoyable part of this process is that while solutions may share similar products or outcomes, everyone has their own story. I enjoy learning each individual or family story.” Within a small town, Bob has the pleasure of working with the whole spectrum and diversity of the community. “You feel a connection to them and then hopefully through financial planning become a (positive) part of their story and the story of our community.”

Bob is celebrating 30 years in the business. He has 1500 clients and manages over $100,000,000 in assets.

David Rockett

Financial Advisor

David is the third generation Rockett to serve at Rockett Financial. Growing up, David worked in the office as an assistant during his summers. Gifted in economics, but also blessed with hands on skills, David learned a trade and became a certified welder. After 4 years of working heavy construction including welding, carpentry and millwright projects, David decided it was time to follow his dream of helping others plan for their successful retirements. Earning his financial advisor credentials, David officially joined the office in 2019. He is an outdoor adventurer, motor sport enthusiast, fisherman and world traveler. David and his wife, Jessica, enjoy anything involving family, friends, outdoor activities and coffee.

Ann Rockett headshot

Ann Rockett

Marketing Manager

A native to Seattle, Ann attended the University of Washington where she met her husband, Bob. After graduation, she became a Marketing Assistant for the Seattle SuperSonics. She then worked for a local advertising agency where she developed mail order catalogs for Washington State products.

After their marriage in 1989, Ann and Bob made their home in Raymond. Ann then began her most favorite and challenging job as a full-time mom. Bob and Ann have four adult children, 3 sons, 1 daughter and a wonderful new daughter-in-law. Ann’s greatest interests are family, friends, history and photography.

Dawn Williams headshot

Dawn Williams

Executive Assistant

Dawn joined our team in 2018 as the Receptionist/Office Assistant and came with over 20 years of customer service under her belt. She has since been promoted to David’s Executive Assistant. She brings an infectious laugh, a fabulous work ethic and creative new ideas to the business. She was born and raised in South Bend with deep roots to the community.

When not working, she spends time with her fur-babies as well as family and friends. She belongs to CrossRoads Church and has been involved with the Soldier Ministry there for several years. She loves refurbishing old furniture & photography as well as making hand-stamped necklaces, lotions, and painting signs for her side business.